Web Development and Design Work

I’ve long been fascinated by the ways digital technology can engage and empower people. Since earning my U of O degree in Multimedia Design, I’ve spent more than a decade in Portland helping people harness the power of that technology. I’ve taught classes for young people, tutored older people, consulted for small businesses, co-authored technology textbooks, served as both design and IT department for a small media company, and—mostly—designed and developed web sites for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

I specialize in  building future-friendly  sites that communicate effectively across all platforms, from smart phones and tablets to PCs and HDTVs. I use a wide variety of design and development tools and techniques. For many of my clients, a hand-built WordPress theme is an ideal solution—a responsive site that can be maintained, updated, and expanded with little or no ongoing technical support. The images on these pages are reflections of my work. For a clearer look,  follow the links to browse the live sites.

Each of these projects gave me the opportunity to use my skills to help an individual or an organization achieve a significant goal. There are few things more rewarding to me than that.