5 Peaks Trail Running Series and The Yeti Trail Running Series

5 Peaks Trail Running Series

I worked with Ted Marshall of 33 Degrees Design Studio on these two sites for Canadian trail running competitions; my focus was WordPress front-end development. Our primary goals for the new sites: robust event management for upcoming competitions, an easily customizable sponsor promotion system, and fully responsive designs. I analyzed the current event-registration process and used the findings to create a tailored WordPress-based event management system. I was responsible for the coding of the PHP-based event template that incorporated nearly fifty custom values, including locations, schedules, pricing tables, dates, maps, categories, and related events. I used JavaScript extensively for data validation, date selection, Bootstrap, online ticket purchase functionality, and race results

I also developed, debugged and optimized JavaScript and plugins for the two sites, created a patch to address issues with multiple language support,  and assisted with responsive styling and coding of many other theme elements.

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